The Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed limiting the import of goods produced in the Russian Federation

Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Viktor Evtukhov at a meeting of the Russian Wine Forum spoke about plans to limit the import of certain categories of non-food products. According to him, they intend to introduce restrictions “where we produce our products”: from household chemicals to light industrial products.

“I believe that such measures should be applied to all types of domestic products, especially to products of the consumer market,” said Viktor Evtukhov, returning to the topic of restrictions on the import of wine from unfriendly countries (quote from “Prime”).

According to the data provided by Mr. Evtukhov, the turnover of non-food products is 25 billion rubles, of which 15 billion rubles. accounts for imported products. The deputy head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade believes that measures to limit the import of non-food products will allow “these 15 billion rubles to remain. we have”. According to a study by the Infoline agency, in 2021 the share of imports in food products was 24%, in non-food products – 53%. At the end of 2022, the share of imports of non-food products increased by another 4%.

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