The Ministry of Finance will not yet give state corporations directives to replace “unfriendly” currencies


    The Ministry of Finance does not see the need for directives to state corporations on the transfer of funds stored in the currencies of unfriendly countries to other currencies. About it informs RBC. The agency notes that state-owned companies are already trying to get rid of unreliable currencies.

    “Together with companies (Minfin.— ”b”) is implementing various measures to diversify foreign exchange assets, and is also taking steps to restore imports. State-owned companies are also aware of the risks associated with the accumulation of such a currency, and are working to reduce them in close contact with the Bank of Russia and the Ministry of Finance. In our opinion, no directive decision is required yet,” the Ministry of Finance reports (quoted by RBC).

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    Earlier, the Central Bank recommended that the government oblige state corporations to transfer funds in the currencies of unfriendly countries to other currencies. The Central Bank explained the recommendation by the need to discourage the use of “toxic” currencies by companies in the real sector.

    Julia Abugalieva


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