The Ministry of Finance proposed to raise the retail price of sparkling wine from 169 to 239 rubles per bottle

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation published order on the establishment of prices not below which purchases (except for imports), deliveries (except for exports) and retail sales of sparkling wine are carried out. The minimum retail price for sparkling wine from January 1, 2023 is proposed to be increased from 169 rubles. up to 239 rub. for 0.75 liters.

According to the document, the price will be valid until December 31, 2028 inclusive. The selling price can be 166 rubles. for 0.75 liters, wholesale price – 199 rubles. for 0.75 liters. From 2021, the minimum retail price for sparkling wine is 169 rubles, wholesale – 137 rubles, sale – 118 rubles. for 0.75 liters.

The order says that in 2021 the minimum prices for sparkling wine did not increase, but the excise rate for 2022 increased from 41 to 43 rubles. In 2023, the excise rate will be indexed to 45 rubles. per litre.

The explanatory note notes that the cost of the main raw material component for the production of sparkling wines increased by 10 rubles from 2021 to 2022. (about 17%) (from 60 to 70 rubles) per kilogram of technical grapes.

The Ministry of Finance calculated that compared to the same period in 2021, in January-June 2022, there was also an increase in prices for freight transportation by rail – by 9.6%, by road – by 14.2%. Difficulties are also caused by international sanctions, restrictions on the import of equipment and consumables.

Daria Erozbek


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