The Ministry of Finance is studying the possibility of introducing a minimum price for still wines

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation is considering the possibility of introducing minimum retail prices (MRP) in Russia for still, that is, not carbonated, wines. The price threshold can be 239 rubles. Izvestia writes about it.

“We propose to expand the practice of applying the MRP, that is, to give the government the right to establish such a minimum for all types of alcoholic products, including still wines and beer. And then, depending on the situation, the government will decide how such a right should be implemented,”said in an interview with Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Sazanov.

The MRP is already valid for strong drinks – vodka, whiskey, cognac, rum and others, as well as for sparkling wines and champagne. The Ministry of Finance periodically indexes these minimum prices. At first, the minimum reflected the border separating legal and counterfeit drinks, Vadim Drobiz, head of the Center for Research on Federal and Regional Alcohol Markets, recalled. Over time, the EGAIS alcohol state accounting system began to protect the market from illegal products, and the MRC began to play a social role.

Determination of the minimum cost of still wine was supported by producers. In their opinion, this will remove low-quality and counterfeit products from the shelves. The main thing, winemakers believe, is that the MRP should not be below the cost price, otherwise there will be no reason in the mechanism.

In neighborhood stores in the regions, a bottle of wine costs 250–275 rubles. The Ministry of Finance plans to refresh the minimum retail price for champagne and sparkling wines from January 1 – to raise it from 169 rubles per 0.7 liter to 239 rubles.


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