The Ministry of Finance is looking for ways to exchange frozen Russian and foreign investment assets

The Ministry of Finance is looking for ways to exchange frozen Russian and foreign investment assets

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The Ministry of Finance is considering options for exchanging the assets of Russian investors frozen abroad for foreign assets located in the Russian Federation, the relevant proposals have only just begun to be discussed. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov spoke about this on the air of Rossiya-24.

He called this topic difficult, and such a course of events – theoretically possible.

“Here we need to take a number of legislative decisions that would allow us to use the frozen funds of already foreign investors that are frozen here in the Russian Federation for settlements on those assets that are frozen abroad. This is a difficult situation, ”TASS reports the words of the head of the Ministry of Finance.

In the near future, in connection with these issues, experts will need to reconcile the volume of frozen assets and obtain the necessary confirmations to ensure that the interests of all parties that may be involved in the exchange are observed, Siluanov added.

Meanwhile, as Parlamentskaya Gazeta wrote, according to the documents of the European Commission, which were reviewed by Politico, the European Union froze Russian assets worth 68 billion euros. At the same time, most of the funds that fell under the sanctions are in Belgian accounts – 50 out of 68 billion. In second place is Luxembourg with 5.5 billion euros.

Earlier, the head of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy, Andrey Kutepov, proposed to freeze the assets of large entrepreneurs and heads of state corporations who left Russia with the start of a special operation in Ukraine. The senator suggested using the same measure in relation to persons who renounced Russian citizenship after the outbreak of hostilities.

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