The Ministry of Education is developing a platform for schoolchildren, where there will be, among other things, Medinsky courses

The Ministry of Education is preparing to launch a video platform with educational content for extra-curricular education of schoolchildren, reports Vedomosti. Information about the preparation of the platform was confirmed by Advisor to the Minister of Education Anton Nazarov. On the service, among other things, there will be courses of assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky on history.

Mr. Nazarov said that the working title of the video platform for Smart TV is “My Enlightenment”. It will feature “educational and educational content for schoolchildren.” The Ministry of Education is already discussing the content of the platform with potential suppliers, including Gosfilmofond, Gosteleradiofond, the Internet Development Institute, the Russian Historical and Military Historical Society (RIO and RVIO).

RVIO Executive Director Vitaliy Martynyuk said that the platform will feature “high-quality verified historical content.” As an example of such content, he named Vladimir Medinsky’s author’s courses “Stories from Russian History. 18th century” and “Peter’s times” about Peter I. Chairman of the board of RIO Konstantin Mogilevsky said that the community is ready to provide the ministry with a series of several dozen half-hour videos “on controversial periods in the history of Russia.”

The amount of funding for the project was not specified by the Ministry of Education. Experts interviewed by Vedomosti estimate it at 100-150 million rubles.

The press service of the State Film Fund did not comment on the platform being developed by the ministry. A representative of the State Television and Radio Fund said that he had no information about the project.

In June, the head of the State Duma Committee on Education, Olga Kazakova, proposed to adopt amendments to the law “On Education in the Russian Federation”, introducing the concept of “unified basic federal educational programs” into it. According to her, we are talking about “the so-called gold standard of knowledge that students should receive in all schools in the country.” She proposed the Ministry of Education to develop such programs. In the meantime, the St. Petersburg parliament asked for the return of basic military training (NVP) to general education schools.

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