The Ministry of Education has established the features of the GIA in 2022

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The Ministry of Education of Russia has published an order on the specifics of the state final certification (GIA) for educational programs of basic and general secondary education in 2022. The document is posted on the official Internet portal of legal information.

According to the document, the specifics of the GIA also apply to foreign citizens who studied abroad, but were forced to interrupt it due to unfriendly actions of foreign states.

If they are in Russia and master accredited programs of basic and secondary general education and are enrolled in educational organizations, then they have the right to choose to pass certification under the programs of basic general (GIA-9) and secondary general education (GIA-11) in the established forms. For them, GIA-9 and GIA-11 are held in the form of the Basic State Exam (OGE) or the Unified State Exam (USE), respectively, the State Final Exam (GVE) – in the form established by the Department of Education (OIV) of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, or in form of intermediate certification.

If foreign citizens who interrupted their studies abroad are in foreign countries and master accredited programs of basic and secondary general education in educational organizations operating in Russia, or study at home or remotely, then they pass GIA-9 and GIA-11 in the form of an intermediate certification.

Those who did not pass the GIA or received unsatisfactory results on it, including repeatedly, can pass it in the form of an intermediate certification.

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Earlier, the Ministry of Education and Rosobrnadzor approved changes to the OGE schedule for ninth grade graduates in 2022. The first exams will be held in foreign languages ​​(May 19 and 20), mathematics (May 23 and 24) and social studies (May 27 and 28). Exams in history, physics, biology and chemistry are scheduled for the first day of June. On June 7 and 8, the OGE will be held in the Russian language, on June 15 – in biology, computer science and ICT, geography and chemistry, and on June 22 – in literature, physics, computer science and ICT and geography. Reserve days for passing the OGE in all subjects – from July 4 to 9.



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