The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance rejected the proposal to introduce a tax deduction for school uniforms

Agency “Moscow” | Kirill Zykov

Proposal for the introduction of a tax deduction for the purchase of school uniforms, made by the head of the committee on small and medium-sized businesses Alexander Demin not supported by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance of Russia /

Demin addressed the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation in April Sergei Kravtsov and suggested that the imposition of a form tax be considered with the Treasury. The proposal was that Russian families with children from seven to 18 years old, while their average annual earnings do not exceed five million rubles.

The deputy stressed that Russian families spent an average of 33,000 rubles on preparing children for school. Approximately half of this amount was spent on the purchase of uniforms.

Earlier, deputies from the LDPR party presented a bill that exempts single parents and large families from paying transport tax.


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