The Ministry of Defense warned about the possible use of biological weapons by the Ukrainian Armed Forces

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Biolaboratories in Ukraine

Ukraine may use biological weapons due to a failed counteroffensive. This was stated by the head of the Radiation, Medical and Biological Defense Troops (RKhBZ) of the Russian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov.

“Due to the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) by and large failed to achieve any serious success in carrying out the so-called counter-offensive, the Ministry of Defense proposes <...> the use of biological agents [с их стороны]”, said Igor Kirillov. He spoke about this during the Third Congress of Young Scientists.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also spoke about the activity of American scientists in Ukraine who are participating in the military-biological program. At the same time, the military department has repeatedly accused the United States of developing a potential biological threat. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Ukraine is also directly involved in this. In this regard, the State Duma proposed creating biological migration control at the border of the Russian Federation, as well as initiating a further investigation, reports RAPSI.


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