The Ministry of Defense wants to increase the salary of employees of the department abroad

The Ministry of Defense wants to increase the salary of employees of the department abroad

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Citizens working in the institutions of the Ministry of Defense abroad should improve the conditions of remuneration, thereby equalizing them with representatives of other Russian collectives abroad. Information about such an initiative of the department is posted on the federal portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

The Ministry recalled that in the current legislation, the increased level of remuneration of such citizens is regulated by the provisions of several laws at once. In particular, Federal Law No. 306 of November 7, 2011 “On the monetary allowance of military personnel and the provision of certain payments to them” establishes that, depending on the complexity and importance of the tasks performed by military personnel, the President or the Government may introduce various additional payments for them. If they serve in regions with adverse climatic or environmental conditions, then the money should be paid to them, taking into account the established coefficient and percentage allowances. In addition, relevant provisions on the work of civilian specialists are contained in article 340 of the Labor Code.

The Ministry of Defense said that they had analyzed payments to citizens who are sent by various Russian federal executive bodies to work abroad. Based on its results, experts found that the amount of allowance for employees of the defense department is significantly inferior to that of employees of other bodies and ministries. This is “due to the presence of various allowances and compensations in foreign currency,” they explained.

Now, a number of payments do not apply to workers in foreign institutions of the Ministry of Defense, including a monthly allowance in foreign currency for special working conditions in the country and for work in a difficult climate (up to 20 percent of the salary), for work in a state with a difficult political situation (20 percent) and in a country with a state of emergency (up to 40 percent). The Ministry clarified that these payments are established, for example, for foreign employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Federal Customs Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. At the same time, the department believes that many of their employees work in no less simple conditions. In this regard, they propose to equalize their rights with other representatives of state bodies, providing them with decent wages.

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Meanwhile, it became known that employees of budgetary organizations, civilian personnel of military units and institutions from October 1 of this year will increase their salaries by four percent.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense offered to keep the salaries of contract soldiers – war veterans who went down the line due to health problems. Thus, it is planned to provide additional social guarantees for them.


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