The Ministry of Defense showed a video of the reflection of the Airborne Forces attack of Ukrainian tanks and armored vehicles


Russian paratroopers, in the course of carrying out a combat mission within the framework of the NMD, repelled an attack by Ukrainian armored units. Video taken from a drone published Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Aerial footage shows a Ukrainian armored column moving through a field, trying to fire on the move. In addition, the drone filmed Russian shells hitting Ukrainian equipment. Smoking and burning damaged cars are shown separately.

It is reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to attack with the forces of two mechanized companies, supported by nine tanks and 16 armored fighting vehicles. However, their plans were revealed in a timely manner with the help of drones.

“During the fighting, the Airborne Forces destroyed more than 120 Ukrainian servicemen, armored vehicles and lightly armored vehicles. Part of the military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was captured by paratroopers as trophies,” — said in the defense department.


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