The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has no plan for 2024: the main thing is by the evening of November 28

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

In Ukraine, no one has a plan for further military operations for 2024, including the country’s Ministry of Defense. URA.RU provides the main news about the special operation in Ukraine by the evening of November 28.

  • In Ukraine, they have been waiting for a long time for a plan for further military actions, but no one has one, said Verkhovna Rada deputy David Arakhamia. A few days earlier, a similar idea was voiced by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), Valeriy Zaluzhny.
  • The Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked the village of Poroz in the Belgorod region. A few hours later, a Ukrainian kamikaze drone attacked an infrastructure communications facility in the village of Mokraya Orlovka in the same region. No one was injured during the two attacks.
  • In Kyiv, explosions were heard in Kherson, controlled by Ukraine. This was stated by the head of the Kherson city military administration, Roman Mrochko, appointed by the Ukrainian authorities.
  • In the Northern Military District, the Russian military hit the Ukrainian center for the training and use of drones, as well as three radar stations for detecting air, sea and ground objects. This is reported by Channel 5.
  • Russian soldiers occupied more advantageous lines and positions in the Artemovsk area in the Donetsk direction and drowned in the Russian Ministry of Defense. In the area of ​​the settlements of Chasov Yar, Kleshcheevka and Georgievka, three Ukrainian attacks were also repelled. The Ukrainian Armed Forces were also defeated in the southern Donetsk direction, in the area of ​​the settlements of Novomikhailovka, Ugledar and Urozhainoye (DPR). There Kyiv lost up to 75 fighters.
  • In the Kupyansk direction, the Russian Armed Forces from the Zapadny group repelled four attacks in the Sinkovka area. The Ukrainian Armed Forces lost up to 30 people in this front-line sector.
  • Russian fighters in the Krasnoliman direction hit the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Torskoye and Grigorovka areas. During the fighting, the enemy lost up to 40 people.
  • Also, an attack by Ukrainian soldiers was repelled in the area of ​​the settlement of Novopokrovka, Zaporozhye region. Russian soldiers acted with the support of aviation and artillery. Ukraine was defeated near Rabotino and Malaya Tokmachka in the Zaporozhye direction.
  • Kyiv lost up to 40 military personnel in the Kherson direction. The Ukrainian Armed Forces also lost the Gvozdika artillery mount.


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