The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation published a video with the Russian military released from captivity

90 Russian soldiers returned to their native land from Ukrainian captivity. The Department of Defense released a video of their arrival. Someone admitted that he was in a hurry to his wife, someone thinks that he will hug his mother very soon, but everyone is united by a feeling of gratitude to those who contributed to their return.

“I’m glad that I returned to my homeland alive and well”, “I’m just very, very happy, when I called, tears were pouring from all sides. So thankful to everyone”, “To everyone who in any way helped me get out of captivity – thank you very much”the military say.

One of the released said that it was his wedding anniversary and in a conversation with his wife on the phone, tears were not held back by either side. Another serviceman, already sitting on the bus, admitted that the first thing he would do was kiss and hug his mother tightly.

“Of course, it was hard in captivity, but we survived it, thank God”the military say.


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