The Ministry of Defense confirmed the return of the ship “Ivan Khurs” to Sevastopol

The medium reconnaissance ship “Ivan Khurs” independently returned to the bay of Sevastopol, informs Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Earlier, Kommersant was informed about this by a source in the Black Sea Fleet.

According to the video posted by the military department, there is no visible damage on board the ship. Earlier, a Kommersant source reported no damage.

May 24 in the Black Sea ship unsuccessfully tried attack three unmanned speedboats of the armed forces of Ukraine.

The attack took place 140 km northeast of the Bosporus, the boats were destroyed by return fire. “At the base point, the ship will replenish material reserves, after which it will continue to perform tasks for its intended purpose,” the Russian Defense Ministry reports.

Since the end of April this year, in the Black Sea, the ship has ensured the safety of the operation of the Turkish Stream and Blue Stream gas pipelines, as well as navigation under the grain deal.

Follow the situation in Ukraine in the online broadcast “Kommersant”.

Maria Fedotova


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