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The Ministry of Defense called the cause of the crash of the IL-76 engine malfunction


An Il-76 military transport aircraft made a hard landing in the Ryazan region during a training flight, the Defense Ministry said. According to the agency, the crew decided to land on the ground due to an engine malfunction. Three people are known to have died, with a total of nine people on board.

The Ministry of Defense said that the plane was partially destroyed upon contact with the ground. The injured crew members were hospitalized, their number is not given. The department’s press release also did not say anything about the dead.

The media wrote that the Il-76 flew from Orenburg to Belgorod, and landed in Ryazan for refueling. The plane crashed near the Mikhailovsky highway. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, there is no destruction on the ground. One of the victims is in intensive care in a stable condition.

More news in the Telegram channel “Kommersant”.

Laura Keffer



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