The Ministry of Defense announced the preparation of mobilized at the rear training grounds

The Ministry of Defense announced the preparation of mobilized at the rear training grounds

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The units, staffed by mobilized military personnel and volunteers, are undergoing intensive combat training at training grounds in the rear areas of the special operation, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on its Telegram channel.

“At training places, mobilized military personnel consolidate practical skills in conducting combat operations as part of platoons, companies (batteries) in urban or industrial buildings and rough terrain,” the report says.

After the training is completed, the units will begin to carry out tasks to control and defend the liberated territories, and will also operate as part of reserve and reinforcement units, the Defense Ministry said.

On September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on partial mobilization. According to the Ministry of Defense, those who have served, have a military specialty and combat experience, are subject to it. About 300,000 reservists are involved in partial mobilization.

A few days later, the president again reminded that only citizens with military experience are subject to conscription. According to him, in each case of illegal mobilization, it is necessary to understand and correct all errors.

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