The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine approved the renaming of Russia to “Muscovy”

Minister of Culture of Ukraine Tkachenko approved the idea of ​​renaming Russia into “Muscovy”

In Ukraine, perhaps Russia will officially be called “Muscovy”. This was stated on March 12 by the Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine Alexander Tkachenkoon the air of the Ukrainian telethon.

Alexander Tkachenko

Alexander Tkachenko

Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine

“We will talk with experts and consider this issue. It is obvious that it has a historical background, because the story with “Muscovy” appeared during the time of Peter I, who decided to rewrite, including thanks to some Ukrainian figures, the history of “Muscovy”, and in fact, then the name “Russia” appeared. Thus, they have since tried to drag the history of Rus-Ukraine, Kyiv and adapt it for St. Petersburg, Moscow, the tundra and all other places.“, – said Tkachenko.

The minister noted that he liked the idea of ​​renaming, but the experts must give their opinion.

Recall that the idea of ​​renaming Russia into “Muscovy” took into account popular among Ukrainian nationalists. Ukrainian officials also picked it up. President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky March 10 gave instructions prime minister Denis Shmyhal “carefully work out” the issue of such a renaming.

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