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The Ministry of Culture in 2023 will support a film about the heroism of the fighters of the special operation and the degradation of Europe


The Ministry of Culture has approved a list of priority topics for state support of film production for the next year. The department will support films about countering the ideology of fascism and Nazism, popularizing military service and the degradation of Europe, as well as Little Russia as a historical region of Russia. A complete list can be viewed at website Ministry of Culture.

What priority topics are included in the list of the Ministry of Culture:

  • Neo-colonial policy of the countries of the Anglo-Saxon world. degradation of Europe. Formation of a multipolar world.
  • Opposition to modern manifestations of the ideology of Nazism and fascism. Popularization of the heroism and selflessness of Russian soldiers during a special military operation.
  • Popularization of service in the armed forces of Russia. The unity of society around the support of the army (front-line brigades, volunteers, volunteers).
  • Film chronicle. The current state, culture and traditions of the regions of Russia. Development of the Far East and the Arctic. Life in small towns and villages, life in the provinces. Little Russia as a historical region of Russia.
  • Historical cinema. Lessons of history, lessons of memory. Opposition to attempts to falsify history. Peacekeeping mission of Russia.

The list for state support will also include films about the formation of citizenship, films about teenagers, volunteers and persons with disabilities, countering extremism, promoting traditional values, as well as film adaptations of works of Russian literary classics.

By project of the federal budget for 2023–2025, the Ministry of Culture will allocate 11.6 billion rubles for state support for national feature films.

Anastasia Larina


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