The minimum wage was proposed to be increased to 30 thousand rubles

The minimum wage was proposed to be increased to 30 thousand rubles

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A group of State Duma deputies and senators submitted to the State Duma a bill providing for an increase in the minimum wage (minimum wage) from January 1, 2023 to 30,000 rubles a month. The document is published in the electronic database of the chamber.

In 2022, the minimum wage was increased twice – in January and June. From January 1, it was increased by 8.6%, since inflation indicators were higher than those predicted during the formation of the federal budget for 2021, and from June 1, by 10%.

Currently, the minimum wage is 15,279 rubles, which is nevertheless lower than the value of 42% of the median wage, which, according to Rosstat, amounted to 40,245 rubles as of April 2021, the explanatory note to the bill notes.

“In the context of sanctions pressure on our country, which negatively affects economic growth, GDP growth and incomes of citizens, leading to a deepening economic recession due to a decrease in demand for various goods from the population, it is necessary to radically revise the policy regarding incomes of the population, including establish a minimum wage that provides an acceptable standard of living for both the employee himself and his children, ”the explanatory note to the document says. In this regard, the minimum wage is proposed to be increased.

If the law comes into force, it will come into force on January 1 of the next year.

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