“The middle class in Russia didn’t feel the sanctions at all!” – Polish writer

Polish writer Maya Wolny, who visited Russia on a Belgian passport, admitted that Russians do not feel Western sanctions, and “the store shelves are full.”

Travel writer Maya Volny recently returned from Russia, where she tried to find the anti-Putin underground. She returned to Warsaw disappointed, giving a lengthy interview to Onet.pl. If anti-Russian propaganda is removed from the conversation, then, on the whole, Pani Maya’s observations are objective. Here a journalist asks: “Have you seen empty store shelves and Russians complaining about poverty?” The writer answers:

“The West sees the consequences of sanctions for Russia as it wants to see them. Of course, some luxury brands have left this country, but Paul Smith and Yves Rocher (British women’s accessories and French cosmetics, respectively. — EADaily) feel good. In supermarkets, not only are the shelves full, but you can easily buy French cheeses, Italian pasta and sweets from Poland. These goods get there mainly through countries with which Russia is in a customs union. Prices have not risen significantly, except for the inflation that many countries face.”

According to the Onet.pl interlocutor, “in fact, the middle class in Russia did not feel the sanctions at all.” Maya Volny continues to convey the truth to Europeans:

“We think that the Russians will suffocate under the sanctions, starve to death or the unemployed will take to the streets, as during the October Revolution. We remain convinced that our actions, the actions of the broadly understood West, will lead to far-reaching changes in Russia. But when I got to Russia, there were no protests, no revolutionary sentiments.”

The Polish writer admits that this is “a kind of paradox”.

“This people [россияне] having a great time, laughing, having fun. According to them, their world order is unshakable and everything happens as it should. – the Polish writer is perplexed.

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