The meeting of the astrologer Tamara Globa with her future husband took place on the set of a film about psychics

Global Look Press |  Natalia Shakhanova
Global Look Press | Natalia Shakhanova

On the birthday of a famous astrologer Tamara Globa there were details of her acquaintance with her future husband. It happened thanks to the elder sister of the astrologer Valentina Erzova.

The sisters took part in the work on a film about psychics. Pavel came up to us himself. As Valentina recalls, Tamara inspired him not only to be together, but also created the ground for future astrology.

“Next to him, she found herself. She seems to have been searching for her path for a very long time. In dealing with Paul, she was absorbed in what she was learning and discovering. And it is still present in it, ”recalls Valentina.

About this in a frank conversation with Andrey Malakhov said the elder sister of the astrologer Tamara Globa.

At a meeting in the Malakhov program, one of the astrologer’s sisters remembered how Tamara saved her life.


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