The meeting between Putin and Artyukhov complicated Moore’s campaign. insider

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It will be more difficult for the governor of the Tyumen region, Alexander Moor, to be elected for a second term after the head of the YaNAO, Dmitry Artyukhov, enlisted the support of President Vladimir Putin. As sources in the regional political party told URA.RU, now Moor’s support in Yamal will depend only on the will of Artyukhov.

“Artyukhov met with Putin before Moora, and this broke the whole intrigue. Prior to this meeting, the nomination of Artyukhov depended on whether he would provide the necessary support to Moore, on whom the nomination of candidates for the “matryoshka” governors essentially depends. Now this is no longer the duty of the Yamal head – everyone was given to understand that he was guaranteed a second term. What results Moor himself will have in the YaNAO will be the result of Artyukhov’s will, his desire to maintain good relations with Tyumen, ”the interlocutors said, explaining that good relations are not always beneficial for the Yamal governor.

At the same time, experts exclude such a development of events when fellow party members Moor and Artyukhov will not support each other. “The option in which Artyukhov will not try to help Moore to gain a decent percentage of votes in Yamal is not possible. Here we are talking not so much about Moore, but about the candidate from the United Russia party, of which the Yamal governor is a member. This is a matter of party discipline,” political scientist Arkady Lieberman explained the essence of what is happening.

Earlier, political scientists in an interview with URA.RU noted that the outcome of the meeting between Putin and Artyukhov, who, like Moor, is expiring his gubernatorial term, was expected and the report on the state of affairs in the region became a plan for the next five years of governing the region. Artyukhov, following the meeting, expressed his desire to run for a second term and enlisted Putin’s support in indirect elections.

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