The media reported on the positive dynamics in the state of Roman Kostomarov, he began to recover

2006 Olympic champion in figure skating Roman Kostomarov began to recover from drug sleep, reports “RIA News” And TASS with a link to the source. On January 10, Mr. Kostomarov was admitted to intensive care with pneumonia, then it became known that he was in a medically induced coma in a hospital in Kommunarka.

“The novel began to come to its senses, to consciousness. He can already move a little. It will still take time to fully recover, but there is a positive trend. The final conclusions can be made later, ”a source told RIA Novosti. One can note a positive trend in his condition, a TASS source said.

In Kommunarka, Roman Kostomarov began to undergo the procedure of artificial blood saturation with oxygen ECMO, used in emergency cases to maintain life. On January 24, this was no longer necessary, but Mr. Kostomarov remained septic and had problems with blood circulation.

On February 7, a source told TASS that both feet had been amputated for Roman Kostomarov. Sources of RIA Novosti reported that part of his leg and several fingers on his hands were amputated.

On February 20, it became known that Roman Kostomarov had a spasm of cerebral vessels, but the doctors reacted promptly.

Maria Fedotova


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