The media hurried to report the punishment for the “wrong” cards

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During the plenary session of the State Duma on May 25, many publications reported that deputies passed a law according to which anyone who distributes maps or images that challenge the territorial integrity of Russia can be arrested for up to 15 days or subject to a heavy fine. In fact, everything is not quite like that. Parliamentary Newspaper explains what the deputies actually voted for.

At a meeting on May 25, the State Duma indeed adopted the law in the second and third readings (No.196560-8), which expanded the list of materials for the distribution of which may be held liable. But we are talking about other publications. So, now punishments are provided only for the distribution of specific prohibited texts and images that have already been included in a special federal list of extremist materials published on the website of the Ministry of Justice. And the new law introduces liability for the dissemination of any extremist materials that fall under the definition given in the Law “On Counteracting Extremist Activities.” These are, for example, the works of the leaders of the National Socialist Workers’ Party of Germany, the Fascist Party of Italy, speeches and images of the heads of movements recognized as criminal by the Nuremberg Tribunal. This also includes publications that substantiate or justify national and racial superiority, justify crimes aimed at the destruction of any ethnic, social, racial, national or religious group.

For the mass distribution of such texts and images, citizens can be fined 1-3 thousand rubles or arrested for up to 15 days. Companies can pay a fine from 100 thousand rubles to one million or an administrative suspension of activities for up to 90 days. The same applies to cases where such materials are produced and stored in order to be distributed later.

At the same time, the bill (no.196548-8) about the “wrong” cards in the State Duma are also considered. But so far it has been adopted only in the first reading and is now being prepared for the second. He refers to extremist materials intended for distribution and display of maps and images that challenge the territorial integrity of Russia. We are talking, for example, about maps where Crimea and the Southern Kuriles are assigned to the territories of other states.

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