“The meanest position” – Zakharova reacted to the US statement about the drone attack on Moscow

The position of the United States on the attack of drones in the Moscow region is “the meanest”, as they see and comment only on what is beneficial to them. This was stated today, May 31, by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, on the air of the Sputnik radio station.

“This, of course, is an absolutely vile position – there is no other word or definition. It consists in the fact that they see and comment only on what is beneficial to them, and this is propaganda … A picture for its completeness should have many details, ” the diplomat noted.

Zakharova said that she does not believe that international organizations or interstate associations do not have any information – “this is from the evil one.”

How can you always be unaware [ситуации]? Zakharova emphasized. – Maybe they were disconnected from the Internet? Maybe the TV is not showing? What’s happening?” Then, according to her, such a position should be extended to all events, and not just to convenient ones, TASS quotes her words.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre at a regular briefing for journalists, she stated that the American side does not support Ukraine’s attacks on Russian territory using US-made weapons. According to Jean-Pierre, Washington brings this to the attention of Kyiv both publicly and privately. The White House press secretary also noted that the United States was collecting information about the incident.

On May 30, Moscow and the Moscow Region were subjected to a massive attack by Ukrainian drones, most of which were intercepted by air defense systems over the Odintsovo, Krasnogorsk and Istra regions of the Moscow region. Several drones reached the territory of the capital, three of them hit residential multi-storey buildings in the south of Moscow.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, eight devices were involved in the attack, five of them were shot down, the remaining three were suppressed by electronic warfare. Two people asked for medical help in Moscow, they did not need hospitalization. A number of buildings received minor damage.

Telegram channels wrote that up to 30 UAVs were sent to Moscow.

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