The mayor of Yekaterinburg criticized the cleaning of the city from snow and ice

Alexey Orlov held an offsite meeting with officials

The head of Yekaterinburg, Alexey Orlov, was dissatisfied with the removal of snow and ice from the streets and called on officials to be ashamed. This was reported by a URA.RU correspondent who spoke with Orlov before a meeting with city officials.

“Winter is just beginning. It feels like we have forgotten how to maintain the city in winter, although last year everything seemed to be fine. Because of us, people get injured and are on sick leave. We should be ashamed of this – this is our shortcoming,” Orlov noted.

The mayor also shared that the largest number of complaints regarding snow removal have so far come from the Verkh-Isetsky district of Yekaterinburg. Behind closed doors, Orlov, who chose his words in a conversation with journalists, according to URA.RU, carried out a scolding.


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