The man attended his own wake, and then died


A Canadian from the city of Exeter had fun at his own wake, and then died. About it wrote The London Free Press portal.

Doctors diagnosed 67-year-old Ron Rader with pancreatic cancer and said it was too late to do the operation. The Canadian was assigned palliative care. The dying man addressed his children, declaring that he wanted to come to his own funeral.

“If this cannot be avoided and people will come, I also want to attend,” asked Ron.

The man’s children were not surprised by his desire, as Rader always liked to do things his own way. The Canadian contacted the funeral director and ordered his own wake, which he could attend before he died. The director of the funeral agency was surprised to note that this was the first such order in the 140 years of his office. More than 350 people attended the funeral in addition to Rader himself. Among them were friends, relatives, acquaintances, and even members of the hockey team in which Ron had played for a long time.

Ron Rader died surrounded by family nine days after the party.

Earlier, a video appeared on the Web, which depicts, allegedly, the Tver morgue. The footage shows how at one moment the corpse lying on the table comes to life and rises to its feet. Attentive users, however, noticed the microphone, which is installed by enterprising merry fellows – the authors of the video right above the head of the “corpse”.


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