The main thing is about plans for road repairs in the Kurgan region for 2024. List

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Large-scale reconstruction of overpasses, roads and highways is taking place in the Kurgan region. Some of the work started will be completed in 2024, while others are just beginning. For example, on Koli Myagotina Street in Kurgan, the work of laying the top layer of asphalt will be completed, after a long overhaul of pipes, and the bridge along Constitution Avenue will also be overhauled. URA.RU has compiled a list of facilities that are planned to be renovated in 2024.

List of road sections that are planned to be repaired:

  • Repair of the road on Koli Myagotina Street from Krasin Street to Kremlev Street in Kurgan;
  • Major repairs of the overpass along Komsomolskaya Street, which leads to the Energy district in Kurgan;
  • Repair of the Tselinnoye – Kislyanka – Patranino – border of the Chelyabinsk region highway on the section km 0+000 – km 31+400 in the Tselinny district of the Kurgan region;
  • Overhaul of the federal highway R-254 “Irtysh” Chelyabinsk – Kurgan – Omsk – Novosibirsk on the section km 151+000 – km 202+000 in the region;
  • Repair of Anfinogenova Street in the area from Karbysheva Street to the Marshak Library in Kurgan;
  • Section of Kurgan Dzerzhinsky Street – from Omskaya Street, 151 in the direction of the “Dzerzhinsky Ring”;
  • Repair of more than 16 km on the section of the Kurgan – Polovinnoye highway, at the entrance to the villages of Severnoye, Snezhnaya and the village of Ikovka;
  • Repair of two bridges on Burova-Petrova Street in the regional center;
  • Repair of the road on Dzhambula street from house number 10 to the exit to Koli Myagotina street in Kurgan;
  • Overhaul of the Malyshevo – Almenevo road in the Kurgan region;
  • Repair of a section of road in the city of Kurgan along 2 Chasovaya Street near a number of houses;
  • Two sections of roads along Obezdnaya Yuzhnaya and Chernyshevskogo streets in the working village of Vargashi;

Earlier, URA.RU wrote that the authorities of the Kurgan region sharply reduced the budget for road repairs. Compared to 2022, in 2023 and 2024 three million rubles less were allocated for road repair and construction.


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