The list of safe beaches for swimming in the Leningrad region has been expanded


    The updated list of safe for swimming in the Leningrad region includes 31 beaches, reports “Nevsky News”.

    Earlier, the media reported that Olginsky Pond and Upper Suzdal Lake are considered safe in St. Petersburg, and in the Leningrad region you can swim in 18 reservoirs, which are located in 10 districts of the region. Now this list has been expanded to 31 places – the conditions for them meet the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor.

    It is noted that specialists of the Emergency Rescue Service this year are also on duty at places popular among residents and guests of the region, which were found unsuitable for swimming.

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    Meanwhile, in an interview, Radio Sputnik Rospotrebnadzor employee Aleksey Khudoborodov recalled that one should refrain from swimming in ponds with stagnant water, overgrown with mud, and should not go into the water if birds are swimming nearby. In such places, there is a high risk of contracting various infections, including cercariasis, or “bather’s itch,” he said. Also, you should not dive into the water when you are sick or swim in the water if there is damage to the skin.

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