The Liberal Democratic Party proposed to oblige owners of dogs of potentially dangerous breeds to obtain a license

A group of State Duma deputies from the Liberal Democratic Party has developed a bill proposing to oblige owners of dogs of potentially dangerous breeds to obtain a license to keep them. It is also assumed that individuals will be banned from breeding such dogs, RIA Novosti reports.

According to government decree, potentially dangerous dog breeds include: akbash, american bandog, american bulldog, brazilian bulldog, bully kutta, purebred alapah bulldog (otto), bandog, wolf-dog hybrids, wolfdog, wolf hybrid, gul dong, pit bullmastiff, north caucasian dog, as well as mestizos of these breeds.

The draft law provides for a number of innovations:

  • only persons over 18 years old can keep dangerous breeds of dogs;
  • for the maintenance of such breeds, it is necessary to obtain an appropriate license from the district department of internal affairs at the place of permanent residence;
  • to obtain a license, it is necessary to provide, among other things, a medical certificate confirming the absence of a mental illness, a certificate of completion of a training course in the initial methods of dog training;
  • human housing must comply with the norms of the minimum total living area for the joint residence of a person and a dog (the specific parameters of which each region sets independently);
  • the license can be canceled in case of systematic violations of the rules governing the keeping and breeding of dogs of potentially dangerous breeds.

According to one of the authors of the initiative, deputy Yevgeny Markov, the mentioned breeds of dogs “need a special approach”. In his opinion, living with such dogs in an apartment building “endangers the safety of all its residents.”

In May, the State Duma Committee on Legislation recommended introducing fines for pet owners who abandon their pets or treat them cruelly. An administrative sanction will also threaten citizens if the ward has bitten someone. The initiators of the amendments will calculate that this will solve “acute social problems that have matured in society” and will force citizens to take a more responsible approach to the decision to have a pet.

Details – in the material “Kommersant” “Deputies are looking for means of brutality.”

Laura Keffer


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