The Liberal Democratic Party proposed to issue certificates for things for newborns

The Liberal Democratic Party proposed to issue certificates for things for newborns

Yaroslav Nilov
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Families in need, whose income is less than two living wages, need to issue certificates for the purchase of goods for newborns. Such a bill is planned to be submitted to the State Duma in the near future, Yaroslav Nilov, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs, deputy head of the LDPR Duma faction, said in an interview with Parliamentary Newspaper on May 29.

“By Children’s Day, we will introduce a bill on certificates for newborns. We have already received the decision of the Government. Now in some regions, for example, in Moscow, parents are given sets with the necessary things. You can get money instead. But it’s not so far everywhere. We propose to introduce a federal benefit,” the deputy said.

According to the bill, every needy family in which a child was born will have the right to receive a certificate for which it will be possible to purchase the necessary things for a newborn, such as a stroller, changing table, clothes, diapers. To determine the need, income will also be taken into account – it must be below two regional subsistence levels.

The certificate will be used to purchase goods from Russian manufacturers.

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Regional authorities would conclude agreements with shops where one could buy things for certificates. Goods would be paid from the federal budget. The amount of the certificate under the bill will be annually determined by the Government.

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