The leader of the “New People” urged to stop the protection of Western brands that left the Russian Federation


Leader of the New People political party Alexei Nechaev declaredthat “worldwide” trademarks do not exist and each brand is protected by law only in the territory of a particular country. Mr. Nechaev suggested that Rospatent stop protecting the copyrights of Western brands after they leave the Russian Federation for political reasons.

“Many have fallen into outright Russophobia, discriminating against our fellow citizens and throwing provocative statements,” the party leader commented on the actions of European and American companies after February 24. Alexey Nechaev urged not to “turn the other cheek” in the hope of the return of Western brands.

“I left Russia for political reasons, if you want to make some noise, we automatically delete it from Rospatent,”— declared Mr. Nechaev and advised Western firms to think three times before “thrown” Russia.

Maria Fedotova


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