The leader has changed in the ranking of Yekaterinburg deputies, which is controlled by Moscow.

First meeting of the Unified State Duma of the eighth convocation.  Yekaterinburg, Vikharev Alexey

Deputy of the Yekaterinburg City Duma, leader of the United Russia faction, Alexey Vikharev, became the leader of the rating, compiled on the basis of how deputies carry out the instructions of the federal party leadership. From the reports at the disposal of URA.RU, it follows that Vikharev attracted the largest number of supporters to the all-Russian electronic testing for knowledge of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

As of the evening of November 10, 1,176 people followed the link from Vikharev, of which 737 registered in the system. For comparison, his closest pursuer, former Duma Speaker Igor Volodin, has 507 clicks and 168 registrations. The current chairman Anna Gurariy has 383 transitions and 110 registrations. At the start of the action, she was the leader.

Among the single-mandate deputies in the “red” zone are four: Andrei Alshevskikh (not a single transition and registration), Alexandra Zhuravleva (four transitions and zero registrations), First Deputy Speaker of the Duma Mikhail Matveev (one transition and zero registrations) and Dmitry Sergin (14 transitions and zero registrations). The leader among the deputies elected on the United Russia list is Vice Speaker Ilya Bondarev (111 transitions and 73 registrations).

Testing is called part of the preparation for the 2024 presidential elections: with the help of it, United Russia will update its electoral base. It is believed that the project is personally supervised by the Secretary of the United Russia General Council Andrei Turchak.

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