The lawyer warned about the consequences of withdrawing money from someone else’s card

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    Cash withdrawal, transfer of funds, purchases that were not agreed on can be regarded as theft, even if it is a card of a loved one and you know the pin code. Timur Sokolov, Head of the Department of Judicial Systems and Criminal Law of the HSE Faculty of Law, spoke about this.

    According to the lawyer, if a spouse or other relative secretly transferred funds to himself, withdrew more cash or made unspecified purchases, then this action can be regarded as theft. Sokolov noted that the punishment under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is up to six years in prison, the specialist warned, his words are reported by the Prime agency.

    He noted that it is possible to carry out transactions with someone else’s card only with the permission of the owner, even if you know the pin code and other data. However, the amount, according to him, should not exceed the previously agreed.

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