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The lawyer spoke about the possibility of “assigning” an empty plot of a neighbor

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An empty plot of land can be registered as a property by contacting the chairman of the SNT or the district administration at its location. This was told by lawyer Elena Kuderko.

“If the site is located within the boundaries of the Garden Non-Commercial Partnership (SNT), you must contact the chairman of the SNT to establish the owner of the site. If the owner died or abandoned the land, then on behalf of the SNT, a lawsuit can be filed in court to return the site to the land of the SNT. By the decision of the SNT, it will later be possible to redistribute the site to the new owner, ”the Prime agency quotes Elena Kuderko.

The lawyer explained that if the site is not related to SNT, then it is necessary to contact the district administration at its location and submit an application for granting the site to the property. In the future, the authorities will provide an official response on the possibility of registration of the site, or with an explanation of the reasons why the site cannot be registered. The term for providing such clarifications is 30 days.

Earlier it was reported that you can get ownership of an abandoned house if you live in it for 18 years, pay for utilities, take care of the land, and also prove in court the absence of the previous owners. The right of ownership in this case arises by a court decision.

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