The lawyer listed the reasons for the refusal of the tax deduction

Money - 1920, 11/09/2021

MOSCOW, Nov 9 – Arkady Bryzgalin, Ph.D. in Law, said which of the Russians will not be able to receive a tax deduction after buying an apartment. His words lead the portal
“Those who have already used the deduction cannot apply. Those who purchased housing from interdependent persons, for example, from close relatives, cannot apply,” the expert said, pointing to an outright ban in the tax code.
The specialist also added that in some cases, a tax deduction may be refused if a person has incorrectly completed documents. For example, he provided an agreement, but forgot about the payment documents.
Earlier, Honored Lawyer of Russia Ivan Soloviev said that you can get a tax deduction for an apartment twice, that is, when buying a second apartment, if the first housing purchased was worth less than two million rubles.

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