Life will force the Germans to give all permits to Nord Stream 2, said Pavel Zavalny, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy, in a comment for the Economics Segodnya FBA.

Certification of “Nord Stream – 2” began to be considered in Germany
The Federal Network Agency of Germany (Bundesnetzagentur) reported that the documents required for certification of Nord Stream 2 in Germany are being checked by the department. However, the Bundesnetzagentur declined to name the completion date.

According to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Bundesnetzagentur has four months to consider the certification decision. The deadlines begin after the transfer of the full package of documents, and the decision must be verified by the European Commission.

In August, Bundesnetzagentur stated that they had not received the full package of documents on Nord Stream 2, but the first string of the project was completed in early June. Until Nord Stream 2 AG transfers data on the entire gas pipeline, the agency will not count the start of the application review period. The Germans may also require the completion of all commissioning works for certification of the project.

The second leg of Nord Stream 2 was completed on September 10 at 7.45 am CET. Commissioning work on this part of the project will take another two to three months, so, if desired, Bundesnetzagentur can extend the process for six months.

It is not a fact that the department will deal with this, but what is important is that it technically has such an opportunity.

Germans need a new gas pipeline
The second point is the possibility of launching Nord Stream 2 without certification. Bundesnetzagentur certifies gas pipelines, but does not give them permission to start, this is formally possible without the permission of the department.

The likelihood of this is being discussed in the FRG press; some publications claim that Gazprom may take such a step. Bundesnetzagentur commented on this option and noted that the operator company would be punished in this case.

Much depends on the actions of the FRG authorities, they can speed up the certification of the project. Bundesnetzagentur has no reason to refuse certification of Nord Stream 2, but “time is money”, and in this case, the price of gas on the European market.

“Germany provided assistance in the construction of Nord Stream 2 and overcame sanctions and pressure from Washington not so that the gas pipeline would then stand and not work,” says Zavalny.

Germany needs Nord Stream 2 to guarantee gas supplies and stabilize prices in Europe.

“Germany needs Nord Stream 2, and gas prices on the spot market show that this need will continue for a long time. There is nothing to replace gas, and even more so for Germany. The Germans will decommission nuclear power next year and have plans to completely abandon the operation of coal plants by 2035, ”Zavalny concludes.

Only gas can replace these capacities – relying on solar panels and wind turbines is dangerous. This was demonstrated in 2021: frosts, heat and calmness led to the fact that the generation of renewable energy sources (RES) in Europe fell.

“In Germany, coal today provides 43% of the electricity supply, so life will force the Germans to launch Nord Stream 2 and give it all permits, overcoming the resistance of the European Commission,” Zavalny sums up.


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