The finds of archaeologists were ahead of their time by 100 thousand years.

Scientists from the University of Colorado at Boulder (USA) have announced the identification of a record large set of ancient bone tools, consisting of hundreds of tools about 400 thousand years old. One of the objects found had no analogs for 100 thousand years.

In a new work published in the PLOS ON edition, archaeologists report that the ancient predecessors of humans created a veritable workshop for the production of various ivory tools. Scientists have identified an unprecedentedly large set of 98 bone instruments.

According to researchers, the remains of elephants were not used by people for the production of primitive tools, since according to the official version, a modern man appeared in Europe only about 40 thousand years ago. Scientists suggest that Neanderthals organized the workshop right in the animal cemetery. It was also found that some of the tools were made using technologies that became common only after 100 thousand years.


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