The Kurgan mayor’s office is trying to find a replacement for the arrested director of the UKS Minin. Inside

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The Kurgan mayor’s office is actively looking for a new head for the capital construction department (UCS). A personnel problem arose after the arrest of director Igor Minin. Sources close to the administration reported this to URA.RU.

“UKS employees constantly receive calls from the administration. The heads of departments are being forced to take the position of the arrested Minin,” sources say. Conversations often take place in a raised voice, since none of the employees agrees with the leadership.

According to the editorial interlocutors, Minin did not have deputies due to a shortage of personnel. Therefore, no one can be forced to perform the duties of a director. There are no other employees with the right to sign and experience like Minin. “Due to the absence of a manager, delivery deadlines for many important projects may be delayed. Including the school in Zaozerne, because of which the director was detained. They are trying to force the remaining employees to accept management and threaten sanctions,” sources predict. There are no people willing to become a director.

According to the administration’s website, Igor Minin remains the head of the UKS of the city of Kurgan. A week ago, the court placed him in a pre-trial detention center at the request of investigators. A criminal case has been opened. The man is accused of abuse of power when purchasing materials for the school. According to investigators, the damage amounted to more than 4.4 million rubles. During the trial, Minin himself argued that all the materials were available, they were in safekeeping and arrived with a delay. Another suspect in school construction fraud is the director of a construction contractor from Moscow.

The editors of URA.RU contacted the mayor’s office with a request to comment on the situation with the management of the department. At the time of publication of the news, no response had been received.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that the director of the UKS did not go on vacation to finish building the school. He did not have time to finish the project because he was arrested for two months.

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