The Kurgan man who provoked the conflict beat the stranger to death

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    A resident of Kurgan was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm resulting in the death of the victim. The information is published on the website of the SU SKRF for the Kurgan region.

    “At the end of August last year, the accused, being in the house of a victim previously unknown to him, provoked a conflict with him on an insignificant occasion and beat the latter. A resident of the village of Zyuzino, Belozersky district, died from injuries received two weeks later in a medical facility, ”the message says.

    Wanting to avoid punishment, the accused fled from the investigating authorities and was put on the wanted list. The court sentenced him to nine years’ imprisonment in a penal colony with a strict regime. The verdict has not yet entered into force, the department explained.

    The fact that during the quarrel that arose after the joint drinking of alcohol, the accused beat the drinking companion, after which he went to the side, URA.RU reported earlier. A resident of the Kurgan region learned about the death of a man only in the morning.

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