The Kremlin has no information about the reasons for the damage to the Russian cable in the Baltic

Press secretary Dmitry Peskov does not have information about the reasons that caused the damage to the Russian cable in the Baltic Sea in early October. Finnish authorities have suggested that the Russian cable may have hit a Chinese container ship, which is suspected of damaging the pipeline and another cable.

“We do not have information on this matter,” Mr. Peskov said during a conference call. He recommended contacting the Ministry of Communications for clarification.

The Baltika communication cable of the Rostelecom company, which connects St. Petersburg with the Kaliningrad region, was damaged on October 12. Due to the investigation initiated by Finland into the Balticconnector gas pipeline, repairs to the Russian cable began only on November 7. The repairs are carried out by the Russian vessel “Spasatel Karev”.

The Baltika is about 1 thousand km long and runs along the bottom of the Baltic Sea, partially falling into the economic zones of Finland and Sweden. The length of the submarine cable in the Finnish zone is about 377 km, and in the Swedish economic zone it is about 395 km.

Alexandra Goroshilova

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