The King of Morocco was presented with the first SUV and a prototype of a locally produced hydrogen crossover

Global Look Press |  Artur Widak/
Global Look Press | Artur Widak/

Rabat, 17 May. Morocco announced the creation of the first locally produced car and a prototype hydrogen vehicle, report Arab media.

The presentation of two innovative projects under the slogan “Made in Morocco” took place on Monday, May 15, at the Royal Palace in Rabat. Monarch Mohammed VI was presented with the first model of an SUV from Neo Motors with Moroccan capital and a prototype hydrogen-powered crossover by NamX called HUV (Hydrogen Utility Vehicle).

Global Look Press |  Jean-Marc Haedrich/
Global Look Press | Jean-Marc Haedrich/

“Both projects are designed to strengthen the Kingdom’s position as a competitive platform for the production of cars,” – said the news agency Maghreb Arabe Press (MAP).

Neo Motors director Nassim Belhayat said the Moroccan car will hit the market in July 2024. Its cost will be from 170 to 190 thousand dirhams, or about 17-19 thousand dollars.

Belhayat added that the SUV runs on gasoline, is suitable for rural and mountainous areas, and is also designed mainly for the local market. However, sales to other countries in Africa and Europe are possible later, provided that an all-wheel drive version with an electric motor is released in the next stage.

prt scr |  2MTV
prt scr | 2MTV

The investment allocated for this project is 156 million dirhams, or $15.5 million, under a ten-year agreement signed by the company with the Ministry of Industry in 2019.

The young startup NamX was founded by French designer Thomas de Lussac and Moroccan inventor Faouzi Al-Najah. The prototype of the HUV hydrogen car was created in collaboration with the Italian design office and bodybuilder Pininfarina. The result is a crossover with an unusual refueling and fuel storage system. owners will be able to simply exchange empty capsules for refilled ones. However, the volume of such cylinders is still unknown.the project is at an early stage of development.

After the solemn presentation ceremony, the king awarded the founder and CEO of Neo Motors, Nassim Belhayat, and the founder, president of NamX, Fawzi Al-Najah, with orders.

Earlier, Arab media reported that Russia had held successful negotiations with African countries at the international agricultural exhibition in Morocco.


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