The key issues of the Krasnoyarsk Territory will be solved through the prism of the NWO

The key issues of the Krasnoyarsk Territory will be solved through the prism of the NWO

Mark Denisov not only summed up the results of work in 2022, but also voiced a number of interesting proposals from the podium

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On the agenda of the second meeting of the fifth session of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, held on March 16, one of the main issues was the report of the Commissioner for Human Rights. In addition, parliamentarians supported bills related to the fire safety of horticulture and the establishment of a new nominal scholarship for gifted schoolchildren.

The rights of residents under reliable protection

At the very beginning, the speaker of the regional parliament Alexey Dodatko noted: “Today our work, like the life of the whole country, is subordinated to one main task. Any issue is considered through the prism of a special military operation, through expediency, composure and the benefits that can be brought for the sake of our victory. Deputies see this in their daily lives, at meetings with voters. This is reflected in the agenda of our meeting.”

During the report “On the problems of implementing the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens in the territory of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in 2022”, the Commissioner for Human Rights Mark Denisov recalled the cardinal changes that took place in Russia and the world after the start of the special operation, all this could not but affect the inhabitants of the region. In addition, there were also large-scale spring fires, which affected more than 1.5 thousand people. As a result, the total number of appeals to the Commissioner decreased compared to last year, but at the same time there were more collective signals.

2125 complaints
received by the Ombudsman in 2022 (this is 105 less than in 2021)

In 2022, the population of small towns and rural areas actively manifested itself. The largest increase in applications comes from residents of the Uyarsky district, where many lost their roof over their heads during the spring fires. The number of complaints from Kansk, Achinsk, Norilsk, Birilyussky, Yeniseisky, Achinsk and other regions has also increased. But residents of the Taimyrsky Dolgano-Nenetsky and Evenksky municipal districts began to worry less about the regional ombudsman, and they have always been leaders in alarm signals.

In 2022, there were significantly more appeals passing through the military department, about 200 signals were received from members of the NWO and their families. Questions continue about support measures, but it is not only about benefits, but also about medical care for those combatants who returned home (including those who were seriously injured). As it was said, it is necessary to hold parliamentary hearings on the entire complex of such acute problems.

And one more important addition to the overall picture. In 2022, quite a lot of appeals were received related to the actions (or, conversely, inaction) of the federal authorities and their territorial bodies, and the number of claims against the regional authorities also increased.

More than half of the complaints addressed to the Ombudsman required only detailed explanations of how to solve the problem, in 8 percent of cases it was possible to help people restore their rights, and some of the complaints are still in progress. In 21 municipalities of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Mark Denisov held receptions of citizens, receiving more than 140 applications, and more than four thousand letters were sent to various authorities during the year.

“Russia today is experiencing a lofty and proud loneliness. The West itself has destroyed its faith in human rights, made it a cheap bargaining chip in the pursuit of momentary geopolitical profits, for a pot of lentil stew,” explained Mark Denisov. – What to do in this situation? First of all, we must respect ourselves, our own history, the vast historical experience of our people, and there the concept of justice has always been the cornerstone.”

At the session of the Legislative Assembly, the parliamentarians asked a lot of questions on the report. Denis Terekhov recalled the initiative to introduce the position of commissioner for a special military operation. Irina Ivanova she asked whether there would be global changes in Russian society in connection with the NWO and what the authorities need to meet the requirements of those who return home after the hostilities. On the other hand, Vice Speaker Andrey Novak asked whether the regional government pays enough attention to the listed problematic issues.

Aleksey Dodatko thanked the commissioner both for the report and for the systematic work to protect the rights of the inhabitants of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.


Alexey Dodatko, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Territory:

– At the meeting of the session, we heard the report of Mark Denisov, Commissioner for Human Rights in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. In his work, along with topics that are always under the control of the deputies, citizens’ appeals on issues related to the conduct of a special military operation are a common thread.

The Legislative Assembly also received about 70 appeals from relatives and friends of our fighters. The deputies are trying to help, give clarifications, find options for our participation. The defenders of the Motherland must feel that their families are protected.

We also consider the issue of tax benefits for some enterprises operating in the region through the prism of a special military operation. Because we are talking, among other things, about the defense potential of the state, about the efficiency of business included in the tasks of the military-industrial complex. At the same time, we do not forget about the development of the region, about moving forward, and we also provide preferences for companies that are ready to invest in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, in particular, in the construction of schools and kindergartens.

SNT will be able to withstand fires

Amendments to the law of the region “On state support for horticulture and horticulture in the Krasnoyarsk Territory” were announced at a session of the deputy chairman of the regional government – the Minister of Agriculture and Trade Leonid Shorokhov. The changes provide for the possibility for gardening associations to use grants (up to 200,000 rubles) for the purchase of fire-fighting equipment and gear.

This is a logical continuation of the policy that has been carried out in the region for a long time. Thus, following the results of a competition among municipalities for subsidies for the development of infrastructure for gardening societies, the administrations of Zelenogorsk, Zheleznogorsk, Divnogorsk and Sosnovoborsk received 52.6 million rubles from the regional budget for 2023. The money is intended for the construction and repair of electricity and water supply facilities, to which local SNTs are connected.

“Now it will be possible to purchase fire-fighting equipment through subsidies. Taking into account the fact that in these difficult times some citizens often provide themselves with high-quality vegetables and fruits grown in summer cottages, we will continue to support this direction, ”said the chairman of the committee on rural affairs and agro-industrial policy Vladislav Zyryanov.

Deputies of the Legislative Assembly in two readings adopted amendments to the law on state support for horticulture and horticulture
© photo by Andrey Burmistrov

Schoolchildren will receive a scholarship named after Vera Gudovskaya

The parliamentarians supported in the first reading the draft law on amendments to the law “On regional nominal scholarships for gifted students of general education organizations located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory”.

We are talking about perpetuating the memory of Vera Gudovskaya, who created and for almost half a century was the permanent artistic director of the children’s dance theater “Eaglet” of the regional Palace of Pioneers. It is proposed to supplement the current list of nominal scholarships for schoolchildren with two more – in honor of an outstanding teacher.

“We have regional nominal scholarships for success in general education, but there are no nominal scholarships in the system of additional education. Now such a scholarship will appear, ”said the chairman of the committee on education and culture Vera Oskina.

It should be noted that the Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation “Soul of Russia”, holder of the Order of Friendship of Peoples Vera Gudovskaya was the author and director of most of the numbers of the children’s dance theater.


Theater of Children’s Dance “Eaglet” named after V. N. Gudovskaya is widely known in Russia. In 2012, for high achievements, he was awarded the title of “Honored Collective of Folk Art”. More than 15,000 Krasnoyarsk boys and girls have already become graduates of the theater, some of them have made professional careers and were invited to theaters in Slovenia, the USA, England, and Ireland.


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