The construction of the Vladikavkaz Bypass in North Ossetia has entered an active phase. Thanks to the Safe High-Quality Roads project, an artificial structure will be erected as part of the third phase of the Gudermes bypass as part of the R-217 Kavkaz highway. The facility involved 150 road workers and 70 units of special equipment. Details
informs FKU Uprdor “Caucasus”.

Recall that thanks to the national project in 2021 in North Ossetia, more than 90 km of the roadway were updated, of which 20.5 km were brought to the standard in the Vladikavkaz agglomeration.

After the facility is put into operation in 2024, the total length of the R-217 Kavkaz highway bypassing Gudermes will be 36 kilometers. The object was included in the federal project “Development of the federal backbone network”. On the section of the R-217 “Kavkaz” highway near Kardzhin in the North …


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