The Israeli army called the only way to end the war in the Middle East

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Armed conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip

The war between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas movement could end if the latter surrender and return the hostages. This was stated by Jonathan Conricus, a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in reserve.

“If Hamas had come out of its hiding places <...> returned our hostages and surrendered unconditionally, then the war would have ended,” emphasized Jonathan Conricus speaking to ABC. He added that Hamas militants are currently holding 212 people hostage. In his opinion, if the militants do not meet Israel halfway, the country’s defense army will be forced to conduct a ground operation.

The war between Israel and Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip began on October 7. On that day, Hamas first fired rockets at the Jewish state and then entered its territory. In response, the IDF announced the start of Operation Iron Swords, which escalated into a full-scale war. Israel, among other things, attacked a mosque and residential buildings in the Gaza Strip, reports Life.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant predicted that the military operation could last up to three months. He also promised that Hamas militants would be destroyed. However, there is an opinion that Israel will not end the war, even if it begins negotiations with Palestine for the release of the hostages, reports MK.RU.

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