The International Committee of the Red Cross can no longer visit the northern Gaza Strip

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) staff are unable to enter the Gaza Strip due to lack of security conditions. This was announced by the head of the ICRC office in Gaza, William Schomburg.

The head of the office called what was happening in Gaza “an unbearable human tragedy.” People call the organization day and night, saying they are afraid to open the door for fear of being killed, and begging for help getting to safety. “As a humanitarian worker, I am disappointed that I cannot respond to these calls because our teams lack basic security conditions to travel in northern Gaza,” the statement reads. statement Mr. Schomburg.

The ICRC notes that civilians in the Gaza Strip walk tens of kilometers without food or water past the bodies of those killed, waving white flags. For those who have already evacuated, there are not enough places to stay, food, water and hygiene products. “The situation is rapidly approaching a humanitarian catastrophe,” the organization believes.

The humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip has deteriorated significantly amid Israel’s retaliatory military operation against Hamas. More than 11 thousand people died in the enclave, most of them women and children. 27.5 thousand people were injured. As a result of the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, which began the war, 1.2 thousand Israelis were killed, 5.4 thousand were wounded, and more than 200 people were taken hostage.

About the situation in the region – in the Kommersant article “Battles around hospitals.”

Leonid Uvarchev

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