The inspectors of the GST conducted an inspection of the territories of the village of Pirogovsky in Mytishchi

April 30, 2023, 01:30

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Specialists of the Main Department for the Maintenance of Territories of the Moscow Region examined the zones of the Pirogovsky settlement of the Mytishchi urban district. The inspectors, headed by the head of the department, Svetlana Aipova, inspected Fabrichnaya, Sovetskaya, Zarechnaya streets and the Aphrodite residential complex.

“The situation in the district is approximately the same. Colleagues not everywhere, especially in the parking pockets, have additional estimates. This is worth doing. Then we looked at the territory along the former railway track. Colleagues held a subbotnik there, but they forgot to take out the bags,” said Aipova.

Inspectors also recorded shortcomings in the playgrounds. The main problems are related to the condition of the braid and the suspension of the swing. Specialists conducted a check using artificial intelligence, the system processed and digitized the necessary data on the eve of the inspection.

“Approaching everyone and explaining what he should do, probably, is not entirely reasonable already in the 21st century. Therefore, artificial intelligence, no matter how they make fun of it, is working. And today, those objects that we visited were just being worked out by artificial intelligence, ”said Oleg Sotnik, deputy head of the administration of the Mytishchi urban district.

The public utilities accepted the comments of the GST on the results of the audit. Deficiencies in the content of the territories will be corrected in the near future. Some objects were put in order immediately after the detour.

Earlier, the governor of the Moscow region, Andrey Vorobyov, asked the residents of the region to take a survey and voice their wishes.

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