The idea of ​​renaming Russia to Muscovy is another attempt to abolish the country

The idea of ​​the Kyiv authorities to rename Russia to Muscovy is another attempt to abolish our country. This was stated in an interview with Life by a political scientist, a member of the expert club “Digoria” Konstantin Bobrov.

“The culture of cancellation, actively used by the West in the context of a hybrid war against Russia, has already been widely used at the level of international institutions. However, such an ambiguous move, even by European standards, as renaming Russia, should first be tested at its own training ground, where Western technologies are tested along with political technologies. The West has long been using the territories controlled by Kiev as a testing ground,” he noted.

Bobrov added that such a reform is in line with the nature of the Kyiv regime, which “has never been distinguished by adequacy.” In his opinion, if the project is successful, the abolition of Russia may receive a new round of development on the territory of Western countries.

The expert also recalled that the Europeans feel tired from the Ukrainian crisis and the economic confrontation with the Russian Federation. At the same time, Western leaders regularly signal to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that the volume of further arms deliveries will depend on military success. Under these conditions, the Kiev regime is trying by all means to maintain the interest of other countries in the conflict, Bobrov is convinced.

“The protracted conflict entails reputational costs for Washington and its tool in the form of NATO. Promises to destroy Russia economically, just like by supplying weapons to Kiev, do not come true. Every day, faith in their fulfillment is fading even among the most zealous supporters. In this context an amazingly crazy idea is born – you can’t lose to Russia if you cancel its name! ”, – considers an expert.

According to the political scientist, the compilers of the manuals for Kyiv expect to destabilize the internal political situation in the Russian Federation, using the confrontation between the regions and the federal center. The expert recalled that in the fall of 2023, election campaigns will start in the country, which will be the goal for the West’s attempt to influence the relationship between Moscow and the regions.


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