The idea of ​​licenses for a factory of dangerous dogs needs to be thought out in detail

Russians rarely keep and breed dogs, which the State Duma has included in the list of potentially dangerous breeds. Moreover, in Russia there were no incidents with the attack of such dogs on people. About it “Gazeta.Ru” said the animal rights activist, head of the All-Russian Society of Dog Breeders Olesya Borisenko. Her comment is a response to the proposal of the Liberal Democratic Party – to introduce a license for breeders of dogs from this list.

“If we are talking about the list that is now adopted, then there are no breeds that exist in the Russian Federation, are kept and bred. These dogs are not seen at all in biting someone in Russia,” explained Olesya.

The idea of ​​licensing animals is good, but not well thought out, said Borisenko. In her opinion, breeders need a cynological minimum – people should be qualified specialists according to the developed regulations.

In addition, Olesya believes that pet owners must register their dogs without fail, and this should take place at the All-Russian level. This will help distinguish ordinary dog ​​breeders from owners of kennels and shelters.

The initiative is directed in a good direction, but before its implementation, the entire structure of the accounting system and its legislative framework must be fully thought out, the animal rights activist added.


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