The House of Representatives approved US aid to Israel without mentioning Ukraine – 618th day of the CBO

The new, 617th day of the Special Military Operation (SVO) is marked by the news of the decision of the United States House of Representatives to allocate approximately $14.3 billion in aid to Israel. Analysts noticed that the approved document does not contain a word about Ukraine.

According to former adviser Leonid Kuchma Oleg SoskinWestern countries have launched a campaign to distance themselves from Vladimir Zelensky. The situation in which he found himself, an expert in his blog on YouTube He called November 3 “very difficult”: there will be no more money from the USA and Europe.

Oleg Soskin believes that Zelensky’s isolation is proceeding correctly. As an example, he cited the publication of Time magazine, which showed complete disappointment in the Ukrainian leader.

The United States government will not receive much-desired news about successes at the front…

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